Amanda J. Williamson, PhD

Generative AI Lead - Deloitte NZ
Senior Lecturer - University of Waikato

Supporting Leaders in the Strategic and Safe Utilisation of AI in New Zealand Enterprises


Understand AI &


Discover AI Value
& Experiment


Safely Build &
Deploy AI

Public Talks

AI & Jobs

Job cuts, creation, & collaboration.
June 2023.

AI 101

Quick basics of AI.
March 2022.

AI & Strategy

A deep dive into strategy+AI.
June 2022.

AI & Insurance

Quick view of AI & insurance.
InsurTech June 2023.

"Generative AI is not just a tool, but a transformative technology that impacts every aspect of an enterprise, from productivity and business operations to workforce and ethics."

— A very good hallucination, when asked to return quotes about the impact of Gen AI on the enterprise

Public Resources

🛡️Generative AI poses confidentiality, misinformation, bias, and intellectual property risks - which can be managed

'Generative AI in New Zealand organisations: Risks and guardrails', 2023

⚖️Embed explainability, fairness & responsibility in Generative AI to future-proof  projects

'Can Generative AI be trustworthy?', 2023

🔍Explainable and interpretable AI is vital when using AI for high-stakes decision-making 

'The art of trusting AI through explainable and interpretable approaches' 2023

📈Data provides differentiation in an organisation's adoption of AI

'Our brave new world of AI.' (paywall) 2021.

💬AI can be a big help in disaster response, for rapid communication 

'Revolutionising disaster response: Natural Language Processing presents game changing opportunity' 2023

🤝AI is driving a rethink in recruitment around assessment methods; upskilling; ethical and legal issues

'What's the Future of Recruitment', 2023

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For speaking requests and business inquiries, please contact me here. 

Amanda is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Connections are welcome via LinkedIn.